14K Gold Lighthouse with Leland Blue Stone and Diamond

Description: With a total of 129 currently in use, Michigan is the state with the most lighthouses and now you can own one as well. Custom cast out of 14K yellow gold, this lighthouse can act as either a pendant for your necklace or a charm for your bracelet. With a gorgeous local Leland Blue stone and a shining Diamond, this piece is a unique must have.

Leland Blue Stone. A slag by-product from the Iron Smelting of the 1800's, Leland Blue is made from the mixture of quartz impurites in the iron ore and dolomite flux, which was used to lower the melting point. The many color variations of blue are attributed to the location of the smelt and the flux used.

Diamond. Named from the Greek word 'adamas', meaning unbreakable, diamonds are believed to have been used in jewelry for up to 6,000 years and are one of the most desirable stones even now.

The lighthouse is solid cast out of 14K yellow gold.


Diamond: approximately 3mm
Leland Blue Stone: 5/8" Tall X 1/8" Wide
Lighthouse Frame: 1 1/8" Tall x 7/16" Wide
With Bail: 1 1/2" Tall X 7/16" Wide
* Chains are sold separately
Call for availibility at this time.