Watercolor Gradient with Petoskey Michigan Necklace

Description: An elegant beaded necklace made with a stunning Petoskey carved into the shape of Michigan and various stone beads, strung internally with high grade steel wire, are carefully selected to mimic that gorgeous water shoreline gradient found all over Michigan. Sterling Silver accents complete the piece.
Petoskey Stone. It is a fossilized coral that lived between 488 million and 251 million years. Petoskey Stones are fragments of a coral reef that was deposited in Michigan during the Devonian period.
Various stone beads are used in a gradient to mimic the look of water on the beach.



Beaded Necklace: 18" Beaded Necklace and 3" Extender, 21" in Total. The backside of these necklaces feature a 3" chain section that allows you to hook along any link for variable lengths.

Petoskey Michigan: 3/4" Wide X 1" Tall


* Stones are natural products. Please be aware that colors and patterns may vary slightly from image.