Chain Coral Stone Bezel Set Ring w/Lip

Description: A custom fabricated ring with an adjustable shank, this Chain Coral is a local Michigan stone carefully selected and cut to display the unique formation of the Coral growth.
Material: Halysites, or Chain Coral, were a tabulate coral that existed from the Ordocivian to the Devonian ages, anywhere from 480 to 358 millions years ago. They formed at the same time as the Petoskey Stone.

This ring is custom fabricated out of sterling silver and accented with a oval shaped cabochon. 

A self adjusting shank allows you to change which finger you like to wear it on. The bottom of the shank will pull and push apart to allow you to change the size to fit your finger.


Stone: 9/16" Wide x 3/4" Tall

Stone w/Lip: 3/4" Wide x 7/8" Tall

* Custom ring, what you see is what you get!