Leland Blue Stone and Pearl Bypass Ring

Description: A custom fabricated Sterling Silver ring with 2 gorgeous stones, Leland Blue is a local Michigan stone carefully selected and cut to display the beautiful color of the stone that is enhanced with the gleaming Pearl chosen.
Leland Blue Stone. It is a slag by-product from the process of smelting iron ore during the 1800’s. We hand select our material for their best pattern and color to use in each piece.
Pearl. Composed of calcium carbonate, pearls are hard, glistening objects produced within a living mollusk.


Leland Blue Stone: 3/8" Wide x 3/8" Tall

Pearl: 3/8" Wide x 5/16" Tall

Ring Size: 8. This style of ring can be self-adjusted 1/4 of a size in either direction.

* Custom ring, what you see is what you get!

* For custom ring sizing, please contact us.