Michigan Isle Royale Greenstone and Pink Thomsonite Bypass Ring

Description: A custom fabricated Sterling Silver ring with 2 gorgeous stones, Isle Royale Greenstone and Thomsonite are both local stones brimming with Michigan history. Both stones were carefully chosen and cut to display their phonomenal and unique pattern and color.

Isle Royale Greenstone, also known as Chlorastrolite, was named Michigan's State Gemstone in 1972. It can only be found in two places in Michigan, along the shorlines of Isle Royale Island and the Keweenaw Peninsula. The stone was created around one billion years ago, after the lava flows settled and hardened.

Thomsonite was created in the empty spaces in hardened lava flow around 600 million years ago. Over the years, those hollow spaces were filled with a variety of minerals which give Thomsonite its unique and treasured color varietions, with pure Thomsonite being snow-white to translucent. Varying levels of copper and iron give it a range of colors tan, pink, green, red, and brown.


Isle Royale Greenstone: 5/16" Wide x 1/4" Tall

Thomsonite Stone: 3/8" Wide x 5/16" Tall

Ring Size: 7. This style of ring can be self-adjusted 1/4 of a size in either direction.

* Custom ring, what you see is what you get!

* For custom ring sizing, please contact us.