Ocean Jasper Bezel Set Ring

Description: A custom fabricated Sterling Silver ring with an adjustable shank, Ocean Jasper is a stone native to the shores of Madagascar that has been carefully selected and cut to display the beautiful and unique pattern of color in the stone.
Material: Ocean Jasper, a variety of quartz, is native to the shores of Madagascar. Jaspers are usually a banded, multicolored, or spotted stone, it can be sometimes be found uniformly colored in a range of colors — yellow, orange, brown, red, green, and rarely, blue. Orbicular Jasper is the name given to jaspers containing spherical or orb inclusions.


Ocean Jasper Stone: 5/8" Wide x 7/8" Tall

Ring Size: Adjustable

* Custom ring, what you see is what you get!

* For custom ring sizing, please contact us.