Petoskey and Leland Blue Bypass Ring (Grey-Blue)

Description: A custom fabricated Sterling Silver ring with 2 gorgeous stones, Petoskey Stone is a local Michigan fossilized coral that was carefully selected and cut to display the unique growth of the coral, each stone sporting a one of a kind pattern while Leland Blue is a local Michigan slag glass that is selected and cut to show the brillant color of the stone.
Petoskey Stone. It is a fossilized coral that lived between 488 million and 251 million years. Petoskey Stones are fragments of a coral reef that was deposited in Michigan during the Devonian period.
Leland Blue Stone. A slag by-product from the Iron Smelting of the 1800's, Leland Blue is made from the mixture of quartz impurites in the iron ore and dolomite flux, which was used to lower the melting point. The many color variations of blue are attributed to the location of the smelt and the flux used.
We hand select our material for their best pattern and color to use in each piece.


Petoskey Stone: 3/8" Wide x 3/8" Tall

Leland Blue Stone: 3/8" Wide x 3/8" Tall

Ring Size: 7 1/2. This style of ring can be self-adjusted 1/4 of a size in either direction.

* Custom ring, what you see is what you get!

* For custom ring sizing, please contact us.