Medium Favosite Bear Earrings

Description: Legends state that Petoskey Stones are formed from the tears of the Mother Bear and these earrings showcase that with a simple carved bear shape formed from Favosite Fossils drilled all the way through for added security. They also have a beautiful blue accent stone to help make these earrings pop.

Material: Known as the Honeycomb Coral, Favosites are a fossilized coral similar to the Petoskey, growing in the same time period and area. Tabulate coral grew upwards, forming mounds that look like honeycombs. Visually, the main difference between a Favosite and a Petoskey is the size of the cells. Favosite cells are smaller and resemble a snakeskin while Petoskeys have larger cells that look like turtle backs. We hand select our material for their best pattern and color to use in each piece. Bail and all metal parts used are sterling silver.

Stones: 3/4" Tall X 3/4" Wide
With Earring Wire: 1 1/2" Tall X 3/4" Wide
* Stones are natural products. Please be aware that colors and patterns may vary slightly from image.
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