Medium Petoskey Stone Bear Earrings

Description: Legends state that Petoskey Stones are formed from the tears of the Mother Bear and these earrings showcase that with a simple carved bear shape made from Petoskey Stones that are drilled all the way through for added security. They have simple Sterling Silver accents to help make these earrings pop.

Material: Petoskey Stones are Fossilized coral that lived between 488 million and 251 million years. Petoskey Stones are fragments of a coral reef that was deposited in Michigan during the Devonian period. We hand select our material for their best pattern and color to use in each piece. Bail and all metal parts used are sterling silver.

Stones: 3/4" Tall X 3/4" Wide
With Earring Wire: 1 3/8" Tall X 3/4" Wide
* Stones are natural products. Please be aware that colors and patterns may vary slightly from image.
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