Late Night Horizon Pendant with Leland Blue and Brazilian Agate

Description: Formed into one picturesque scene, this one of a kind pendant is made with a local Leland Blue Stone and a Brazilian Agate, set with Sterling Silver. Made in the image of the gorgeous Sunrises and Sunsets that grace the Michigan Horizon, all of our Horizon Collection jewelry are unique no two pieces will be the same, just like no two sunsets are the same. Both stones were carefully chosen and cut to display their phonomenal pattern and color, bringing to life your own personal sunset.
Leland Blue Stone. A slag by-product from the Iron Smelting of the 1800's, Leland Blue is made from the mixture of quartz impurites in the iron ore and dolomite flux, which was used to lower the melting point. The many color variations of blue are attributed to the location of the smelt and the flux used.
Brazilian Agates are found in large geode nodules and can be mainly found in layers of grey, brown, black, yellow, and red. They generally form in volcanic and metamorphic stones.
Pendant: 1 3/16" wide X 15/16" tall
With Bail: 1 3/16" wide X 1 7/16" tall

* Custom Pendant, what you see is what you get!

* Chains are sold separately.
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