Two Stone Silver Twisted Pendant with Leland Blue and Petoskey Stone

Description: These pendants have a fun energy and an unique look that is only enhanced by the local Leland Blue Stones and Petoskey Stones used in each pendant. Both stones have been carefully chosed for their gorgeous color and phenomenal pattern.
Leland Blue Stone. A slag by-product from the Iron Smelting of the 1800's, Leland Blue is made from the mixture of quartz impurites in the iron ore and dolomite flux, which was used to lower the melting point. The many color variations of blue are attributed to the location of the smelt and the flux used.
Petoskey Stones are Fossilized coral that lived between 488 million and 251 million years. Petoskey Stones are fragments of a coral reef that was deposited in Michigan during the Devonian period.
Bail and all metal parts used are sterling silver.
Petoskey Stone and Bail: 1" Tall X 1/2" Wide
Leland Blue Stone and Bail: 1" Tall X 5/8" Wide
With Silver Twisted Pendant: 2 1/2" Tall X 1 1/4" Wide
* Stones are natural products. Please be aware that colors and patterns may vary slightly from image.
* Chains are sold separately.